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Image: YouTube Being able khổng lồ sample audio from other users’ videos is one of TikTok’s greachạy thử strengths. It allows memes to percolate across the platsize and lets users discover new content by watching videos with the same sound. Soon, YouTube will expvà this feature in its TikTok competitor, Shorts, letting users sample sounds from any nội dung uploaded to YouTube.

YouTube officially announced this feature last month in a community tư vấn post, but tells The Verge it should now be available for the first time in new markets as part of the launch of Shorts in the UK, Canadomain authority, and a number of Latin American countries (including Argentimãng cầu, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Peru & Venezuela). The YouTube-sampling tool will then roll out khổng lồ other Shorts markets including the US in the coming weeks.Quý khách hàng vẫn xem: Billboard

Shorts users can already sample sounds from other Shorts videos (as well as from a library of licensed music). But this update will greatly expand the audio they have sầu easy access lớn. The feature will funnel YouTube users inlớn its Shorts feature via a new “Create” button in the Mobile app. This will appear underneath videos next lớn the like and dislượt thích buttons. Clicking it will give sầu users the option khổng lồ sample the video’s audio in Shorts. Shorts viewers will also be able to tap the audio in any đoạn phim to head back khổng lồ the original source in YouTube proper.

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Shorts videos sampling audio from YouTube will liên kết baông chồng to lớn the original source. Image: YouTube This feature will allow longform creators “khổng lồ benefit by allowing the community to lớn find something interesting in their đoạn phim,” YouTube’s sản phẩm lead for Shorts, Todd Sherman, tells The Verge. Shorts users can create something with the sample audio, he says, & the creators of the audio will “get perhaps inbound traffic or exposure from that. From the longkhung creator perspective I think a lot of folks are excited khổng lồ have their things remixed.”

The permissions box seems lớn have been introduced before Shorts users were actually able lớn sample audio from YouTube videos. Right now it has to lớn be unticked manually for each đoạn Clip, but Sherman tells The Verge the company is working on a bulk opt-out option.

IMPORTANT:YouTube suddenly automatically checked "Yes" on EVERY YouTube đoạn phim to lớn allow them to be re-uploaded as Shorts on OTHER channels ???Please let your YouTuber friends know that they have to lớn go through and uncheck this setting on every đoạn Clip or risk stolen content...

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Sherman says YouTube is aware of these potential problems, but that the company’s discussions with creators has indicated more excitement. “There is some concern about examples of videos that you might think are personal or sensitive và that’s why creators have asked for the ability to lớn opt out. But they also seem lớn recognize that it sort of doesn’t work if it’s very selectively an opt-in,” he says.

YouTube originally launched Shorts last September in India before bringing the feature to the US in March. Last month, the company announced plans khổng lồ pay $100 million khổng lồ creators to lớn use the ứng dụng, though exactly how much individual creators can earn isn’t clear.